Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We will not be providing food so make sure and eat beforehand or bring your dinner.

For those who are allergic, we have a cat.

The group and our apartment are not good for children so please don't bring them.

The group is mostly for young adults ages 18 to 40 (or the young and ambitious at heart.)

We have limited space at our apartment (14 people max) so please let Roz know that you are coming ahead of time so we can make room.

Reading Material

In addition to the Bible and supplemental material we will be using Graham Cooke's "Way of the Warrior" series as a leap off point for discussion, questions and spiritual growth.

For each meeting we will be pulling questions and ideas from these books so you don't need to buy your own but you will get the most out of the group if you get the journals yourself and work through them. The chapters are short and every line is packed with incite so it is well worth your time to read them.

It is suggested that you bring your bible, a notebook to journal in and whichever "way of the warrior" book we are reading that week (if you have one.)

I will always post on the blog what we are currently reading so you can keep updated.

You can get the journals HERE:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We hold the group at our apartment in Miracle Mile which is near The Grove.

To get the specific location contact Rozlynn via email to be added to the group list.

Parking is tricky so please look at this map to know ahead of time where to park:

The Group Focus

This group focuses on conquering the territory within so that we can take territory without.

We focus on discovering and radically aligning with our Identity in Christ and stepping into our God given inheritance so that we can powerfully bring the kingdom of heaven to our areas of influence and assigned mountain of culture. It is our privilege as beloved children of the Father to do this in a perpetual state of peace and assurance, resting in who God is for us.

As a group we walk through reading, journaling and listening material and our meetings center on sharing our discoveries about who God is for us, proclaiming who we are in Jesus and encouraging each other. Instead of just talking about the material we focus more on how it affects us and our journey. Though it is not required, those who process the material or who cultivate regular time with God will benefit most from this group.

This group is great for those who feel called to something way bigger than what they can do within their own strength or who face great difficulty in pursuing their destiny but are willing to do what they must to live out the desires of their heart.

Deciding on first meeting

We are figuring out when our first meeting will be. We are planning on mid-march but we don't know for sure yet so check back later for updates. =)